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Yellow Field Technologies are a leading developer of Mac, iOS and Android applications. We have worked with a number of leading design agencies, major oil and gas companies and sports companies.

We have developed a number of our own products, including iSMARTtrain for Mac & iOS, Garmin Backup for Mac and MyZones for iOS & Android.

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iSMARTtrain is a Mac and iOS application for analysing althletic traiaing data. The application is written in Objective-C and Swift.

iSMARTtrain -

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Garmin Backup

Garmin Backup is a menu bar application that makes a copy of the exercise data on a Garmin GPS watch when it is plugged into a Mac for charging. This app is written in Swift.

GarminBackup -

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MyZones is an iOS and android app to calculate an athlete's Heart Rate Zones based on the athlete's Lab or race data.

MyZones on the Apple App Store

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